New baby blanket design

Charlotte is working on a new baby blanket design – this is a sneak preview!

The new blanket design is inspired by toys and memories of Charlotte’s own 1960s childhood. On a recent trip along Norwich’s Magdalen Street, Charlotte spotted a vintage teddy bear in a shop window, and went in for a closer look. She came across a carousel toy, very similar to one she had played with as a child. She was absolutely delighted to find it! The toy brought back many happy memories and a nostalgia for the past.

carousel toy

One of the motifs Charlotte is working on for the new blanket is, of course, a wooden horse! Charlotte has previously designed a rocking horse motif, which features on the reverse of her Edwardian Toys baby blanket. This new design is a horse on wheels:

new baby blanket design - knitted horse swatch

This little knitted horse reminds me of a favourite book from my own childhood, Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse by Ursula Moray Williams. I recently enjoyed sharing this with my own children and was so pleased to find they loved it too!

The new design will also feature glove puppets and building block motifs. We can all remember playing with colourful building blocks as children – stacking them up in different ways to make patterns and any number of towers, bridges and castles.

new baby blanket design - building blocks swatch

One of the great things about these toys is their enduring quality. You can still buy almost exactly the same toys – wooden blocks, teddies, carousels, glove puppets and skittles – in shops today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak preview of Charlotte’s new baby blanket design. It is still a work in progress, but should be ready soon. Meanwhile, you can see all Charlotte’s current personalised baby blanket designs on her website.