Toybox Personalised Baby Blanket

Introducing… Charlotte’s new Toybox personalised baby blanket.

Toybox personalised baby blanket in Parade

This new design was inspired by nursery toys and Charlotte’s own happy memories of childhood. The knitted motifs include rows of colourful building blocks, dolls, toy soldiers and little dolls houses – toys which have an enduring quality and are still popular today.

Baby’s name and date of birth are knitted across the middle of each blanket – making for a very special baby gift and a colourful addition to a new baby’s nursery!

Charlotte enjoyed playing with the colour combinations for these bright and cheerful blankets – and settled on three different colourways – Carnival, Festival and Parade.

The “Carnival” colourway has a bright blue background, with the motifs knitted in bold red, yellow, orange, turquoise, white and green.

Toybox baby blanket in Carnival

The “Festival” colourway is knitted in a calm sand colour with colourful red, turquoise, orange, blanket, green and royal blue.

Toybox Baby Blanket in Festival

The “Parade” blanket is knitted in taupe, with red, turquoise, orange, black, yellow and royal blue. It is finished with a beautiful green picot edging.

Toybox personalised baby blanket in Parade

All three Toybox blankets are knitted in lambswool, which is lighter than the merino wool used to make Charlotte’s Animals & Flowers and People & Trees personalised baby blankets.  You can find the new Toybox blanket alongside the merino wool blankets on Charlotte’s website here.

Toybox in Carnival, detail

As with all Charlotte’s baby blankets, each one is individually knitted to order in her Norwich studio. Baby’s name and date of birth are knitted as an integral part of the blanket. Each blanket has a knitted front and back (the back is knitted in a complimentary geometric design, in two colours) and beautifully finished with a picot edging. Each blanket arrives gift wrapped in a muslin bag, tied with ribbon, ready to give to the new arrival!


*New* Colourful Cashmere Baby Blankets

New to Charlotte’s range of luxurious cashmere baby blankets are two vibrant and colourful blankets.Greenwich Cashmere Baby Blanket

The new blankets are knitted in emerald green, royal blue and deep turquoise. This makes a break from the traditional baby pink and baby blue, so perfect if you are looking for something a little different! They are knitted to order with baby’s names and date of birth, so make a lovely personalised gift for a new baby.Hampton Cashmere Baby Blanket

The cashmere used to make the blankets is the same high quality cashmere that Charlotte uses for all her cashmere blankets and comforters. Sourced from a family-run mill in Yorkshire, where they have been spinning yarn for over 200 years, it is beautifully soft and washes well.

cashmere blanket detail

These colourful cashmere baby blankets are available in two designs: Greenwich and Hampton. Both are knitted in a fair isle style with a complimentary geometric pattern on the reverse. The Greenwich blanket features rows of people and crowns, while the Hampton blanket features rows of rabbits and building blocks.

Presentation Gift Box

Each blanket is individually made to order, and takes around two weeks to make. Your blanket will arrive wrapped in tissue in a solid white presentation box, ready to give to the special new arrival!

You can find all Charlotte’s beautiful cashmere blankets and baby comforters on the Charlotte Cot Blankets website here.

*New* Cashmere Baby Comforters

Introducing something new: personalised cashmere baby comforters! These beautiful baby comforters are a first for Charlotte. Knitted in the same soft and luxurious cashmere as the cashmere baby blankets, they are the perfect size for baby to hold. Soft and tactile, they are sure to become a treasured keepsake.cashmere baby comforter

The cashmere baby comforters are knitted to order, with baby’s names (a maximum of two names) and date of birth. Each one is unique and they would make a very special gift for a new baby.

cashmere baby comforter

These cashmere baby comforters are available in two designs. The KEW cashmere baby comforter features rows of people on the front and a star pattern on the reverse. The RICHMOND cashmere baby comforter features rows of rabbits and building blocks, with a geometric pattern on the reverse. personalised cashmere baby comforter

Both the Kew and the Richmond comforters are available in soft pink & white and powder blue & white. Each one is made in Charlotte’s Norfolk studio and beautifully finished with picot edging.

The cashmere is the same luxurious cashmere Charlotte uses to knit her personalised cashmere baby blankets. It is sourced from a family-run mill in Yorkshire, where they have been expertly spinning yarn for over 200 years.

cashmere baby comforter

The cashmere is of very good quality and gets even softer and plumper when washed (we know because we’ve done this!). You can find Charlotte’s full range of cashmere baby gifts on her website here.

The cashmere baby comforters arrive packaged in a gift box, ready to give  – whether to celebrate the arrival of a new baby or as a Christening gift or naming day present.

The perfect personalised baby gift

Mary Mary personalised baby blanketIf you are searching for the perfect personalised baby gift, you have come to the right place! Charlotte’s personalised baby blankets make a very special and unique gift for a new baby.

“To say I was happy with it is an understatement, it’s absolutely lovely thank you so much”

Each baby blanket is individually made to order, with baby’s names and date of birth knitted as an integral part of the blanket.

personalised baby gift - cashmere blanket

Charlotte has been knitting her baby blankets for over 20 years and in that time has received lots of feedback from delighted customers! The blankets are loved by babies, treasured by parents and make a lovely keepsake.

 “They absolutely loved it and were over the moon”

Animals & Flowers baby blanket in StiffkeyEach blanket is completely unique. They really do make the perfect personalised baby gift – for a new grandchild, niece, nephew, godchild or for friends and work colleague’s new arrivals. They can be given to celebrate the arrival of a new baby or as a Christening gift or naming day present.

“… a Christening present for my Goddaughter, so obviously I wanted it to be just right and you guys certainly didn’t disappoint.”

Personalised Baby Gift - Animals & Flowers baby blanket

The personalised baby blankets are available in easy to care for cotton, soft merino wool, and luxurious cashmere, in a range of designs and colours. Visit the Charlotte Cot Blankets website to see the full range of designs and colourways available. And if you have any questions about the blankets, please do contact us. We are happy to help!




New baby blanket design

Charlotte is working on a new baby blanket design – this is a sneak preview!

The new blanket design is inspired by toys and memories of Charlotte’s own 1960s childhood. On a recent trip along Norwich’s Magdalen Street, Charlotte spotted a vintage teddy bear in a shop window, and went in for a closer look. She came across a carousel toy, very similar to one she had played with as a child. She was absolutely delighted to find it! The toy brought back many happy memories and a nostalgia for the past.

carousel toy

One of the motifs Charlotte is working on for the new blanket is, of course, a wooden horse! Charlotte has previously designed a rocking horse motif, which features on the reverse of her Edwardian Toys baby blanket. This new design is a horse on wheels:

new baby blanket design - knitted horse swatch

This little knitted horse reminds me of a favourite book from my own childhood, Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse by Ursula Moray Williams. I recently enjoyed sharing this with my own children and was so pleased to find they loved it too!

The new design will also feature glove puppets and building block motifs. We can all remember playing with colourful building blocks as children – stacking them up in different ways to make patterns and any number of towers, bridges and castles.

new baby blanket design - building blocks swatch

One of the great things about these toys is their enduring quality. You can still buy almost exactly the same toys – wooden blocks, teddies, carousels, glove puppets and skittles – in shops today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak preview of Charlotte’s new baby blanket design. It is still a work in progress, but should be ready soon. Meanwhile, you can see all Charlotte’s current personalised baby blanket designs on her website.

New Cashmere Baby Blanket


Cashmere baby blanket in Sandringham design

To commemorate the birth of the new royal baby, Princes Charlotte, Charlotte Cot Blankets has designed a new, luxurious, cashmere baby blanket. Like all Charlotte’s blankets, this blanket is made to order in Charlotte’s Norfolk studio, and is personalised with baby’s name and date of birth.

Personalised cashmere baby blanket in gift box

Charlotte has wanted to knit in cashmere for many years, but has only recently been able to source really good quality cashmere. This cashmere is expertly spun in Yorkshire by family-run business Z Hinchliffe, where they have been spinning yarn for over 200 years. The cashmere is of superb quality and makes a very special blanket – soft, light and plump.

Cashmere Baby Blanket

The Sandringham Cashmere Blanket is knitted in pastel shades of pink, lilac and blue in Charlotte’s signature fair isle design and features people, geometric motifs and crowns. Charlotte is currently working on another colourway, in blues and taupe – please contact us if you would like to be notified as soon as it is ready.

Cashmere Baby Blanket

Find the Sandringham Cashmere Blanket on Charlotte’s website here. See Charlotte and her new cashmere blanket in our local newspaper here.

This is a very special blanket, which would make an extra-special gift for all new babies, royal or otherwise!

Cashmere Baby Blanket - close up

Personalised Baby Blanket of the Month – ANIMALS & FLOWERS


The ANIMALS & FLOWERS personalised baby blanket was the first blanket that Charlotte designed, and has been her most popular blanket for over 22 years. Charlotte was inspired to design the blanket during a time of creativity following the birth of her daughter Lily. Influenced by Victorian samplers, this blanket has a traditional feel and features rows of geese, flowers, cats, rabbits and delicate geometric motifs.

Knitted Animals & Flowers baby blanket in merino wool - detail

Charlotte knits this popular blanket in cotton or merino wool, and new colourways have been introduced over the years. The blanket is now knitted in eight different colourways, so there is one to suit everyone! Charlotte has chosen Norfolk place names for the eight different colourways: Blicking, Holkham, Wells, Stiffkey, Heydon, Blakeney, Norwich, and Cromer. The colourways range from a dusky pink (Blickling)

Animals & Flowers in Blicking

and a rich mid-blue (Holkham)

Animals & Flowers in Holkham

to traditional pastel colours (Stiffkey)

Animals & Flowers in Stiffkey

and more modern brights (Norwich)

Animals & Flowers in Norwich

All the colourways can be seen on Charlotte’s website.

As with all Charlotte’s blankets, this baby blanket is made from two layers of knitted cotton (or merino wool). The whole blanket is knitted to order, with baby’s names and date of birth knitted as an integral part of the front of the blanket

Animals & Flowers baby blanket in Cromer

The reverse of the blanket features a repeating Fleur-de-lis inspired design, while the top and bottom of the blanket are beautifully finished with a picot edging  – both of which can be spotted in this photo of Charlotte’s neighbour’s Grandson snuggling up in his new blanket:

Animals & Flowers - glimpse of reverse and picot edging

The Animals & Flowers blanket continues to be Charlotte’s most popular blanket, perhaps due to its classic, timeless design.


*Free* Gift Box with Merino Wool Personalised Baby Blankets

My merino wool personalised baby blankets make the perfect gift for a new baby, a gift which is sure to be treasured. Each one is individually made to order with baby’s name and date of birth, here in my Norfolk studio. Soft and warm, this blanket is versatile and can be used both at home and while out and about.

wool blanket

I am currently offering a *free* keepsake gift box and lavender heart with orders of these beautiful blankets*. A truly special way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, a Christening or first birthday!

Gift box

My merino wool blankets are available in two designs – Animals & Flowers and People & Trees – both inspired by Victorian samplers. They can be knitted in a choice of four colourways. Stiffkey and Wells are both soft pastel colourways, Blickling is a dusky pink, and Holkham is a rich blue. See them all on my website here.

People & Trees in Wells

*due to postage costs, the offer of a free gift box is only for orders of wool blankets which are to be delivered within the UK.


About the Personalised Christmas Stockings

Personalised Christmas Stockings Charlotte’s popular Personalised Christmas Stockings came about when a local gentleman started reminiscing about a stocking he had when he was a child, which had his name on. He said that he would like a stocking for his new nephew, Edward – and so Charlotte set about designing one. Inspired by traditional Scandinavian designs, Charlotte began to sketch reindeer and snowflakes…

reindeer and snowflake design

… and so Charlotte’s Personalised Christmas Stockings were born! Each of the stockings are individually made, with the name knitted as an integral part of the front and back of the stocking. Most names can be knitted on the stockings, up to a maximum of twelve letters. And if the name has nine to twelve letters, it will be knitted in smaller letters. Every year we knit a fantastic array of names, from Aaron and Abigail to Zachary and Zoe. Mummy, Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa are also popular choices. Some more unusual requests include “Sausage” and “Cheeky”! The names are entirely up to you…

personalised Christmas stocking

The stockings are knitted in scarlet cotton and cream wool to Charlotte’s traditional wintry design featuring reindeer and snowflakes.  Each stocking is then felted, before being sewn together with a calico lining. The result is a strong and robust stocking, which is also soft and warm to the touch, thanks to the felted wool/cotton. Each stocking has a gingham ribbon, so you can hang your stocking from the mantelpiece or at the end of your bed.

Personalised Christmas Stocking

Charlotte’s Personalised Christmas Stockings are designed and made to last year after year – and become a part of your family’s Christmas traditions. And Father Christmas won’t get the presents mixed up when each stocking has a name on! Order yours Charlotte’s website here.

Christmas stockings – sale of “seconds”

We have a limited number of already knitted personalised Christmas stockings available for only £15 (usual price is £42). They are new, but knitted slightly differently to our current stockings – sometimes we knit the wrong name or make an extra stocking – these are the stockings we have left over from previous Christmasses!

old-style stockings

These “old style” stockings are not exactly the same as the stockings that we are currently making. The differences are: the old style stockings have a ribbon below the name, and the wool they are knitted in looks and feels different.

They are available at a very special price of only £15 (plus UK postage of £3, no matter how many you order). Please note if you order more than one, they may not exactly match each other.

These “seconds” are only available in the following names:

Charles, Daniel, Dylan, Finlay, Joshua, Isaac, Taylor, Timothy, Samuel, Lewis, Luke, Richard

Amelie, Bethany, Caitlin, Elizabeth, Eleonore, Ellen, Evie, Flora, Hannah, Isabelle, Laura, Kate, Leah, Lily, Louise, Megan, Molly, Natasha, Poppy, Rose, Sophia, Sophie, Steph

In most cases, we only have one available of each of these names – so please phone the studio on 01603 627 448 to order. If there is no one around, please leave a message with your phone number and the stocking name(s) you would like  – we will reserve them for you, and call you back.

The “new style” stockings can be ordered with the personalisation of your choice, please visit the website here.

Christmas stocking detail