About the Personalised Christmas Stockings

Personalised Christmas Stockings Charlotte’s popular Personalised Christmas Stockings came about when a local gentleman started reminiscing about a stocking he had when he was a child, which had his name on. He said that he would like a stocking for his new nephew, Edward – and so Charlotte set about designing one. Inspired by traditional Scandinavian designs, Charlotte began to sketch reindeer and snowflakes…

reindeer and snowflake design

… and so Charlotte’s Personalised Christmas Stockings were born! Each of the stockings are individually made, with the name knitted as an integral part of the front and back of the stocking. Most names can be knitted on the stockings, up to a maximum of twelve letters. And if the name has nine to twelve letters, it will be knitted in smaller letters. Every year we knit a fantastic array of names, from Aaron and Abigail to Zachary and Zoe. Mummy, Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa are also popular choices. Some more unusual requests include “Sausage” and “Cheeky”! The names are entirely up to you…

personalised Christmas stocking

The stockings are knitted in scarlet cotton and cream wool to Charlotte’s traditional wintry design featuring reindeer and snowflakes.  Each stocking is then felted, before being sewn together with a calico lining. The result is a strong and robust stocking, which is also soft and warm to the touch, thanks to the felted wool/cotton. Each stocking has a gingham ribbon, so you can hang your stocking from the mantelpiece or at the end of your bed.

Personalised Christmas Stocking

Charlotte’s Personalised Christmas Stockings are designed and made to last year after year – and become a part of your family’s Christmas traditions. And Father Christmas won’t get the presents mixed up when each stocking has a name on! Order yours Charlotte’s website here.